Sport The NY Skyline With The Cee Jeanss C212

Image-based arcuates walk a fine line between tacky and completely genius. Thankfully, Cee Jeanss is on the right side of that line and the brand’s C212 raw selvedge denim jeans have just dropped over at Blue In Green.

I’m going to continue to talk about those arcs because a) I can, and b) they’re simply incredible. Depicting New York’s iconic skyline and the Statue of Liberty, the dual rear pockets on the C212 are a single stitch masterpiece that really sets the C212 jean off,  NY-style.

Coming in a cut reminiscent of 60’s Levi’s 501s and Lee 101s, the C212 has a roomy top block and gentle taper through the leg, resulting in a slim-straight silhouette. Each pair is crafted in Japan from one wash 13.5 oz Japanese selvedge denim, but designed by the Cee Jeanss team in New York, who opted to fit the C212 with a button fly, chainstitched hem, and a gorgeous paper waist patch to match the vintage-denim inspiration.

Available from Blue In Green for $275