H.W. Dog Made Some Glorious Linen Denim Lids For Summer

You know it’s summer when all the cool hats drop, like the new H.W. Dog OG Cap, for all the dad cap lovers out there. Even if your favorite pastime isn’t mowing the lawn, reclining by the TV, or grilling, the OG Cap provides the necessary protection from the sun in indigo-drenched Japanamericana fashion.

Japanese brand H.W. Dog just does it right when it comes to hats. They’ve crafted these in Japan from 100% linen denim, ’cause fades, am I right? Seriously, a denim hat is a cheat code to only having to buy one or two hats, ‘cos they just get better with age. Plus, linen is your flaxen-friend for the warmer months, being one of the most breathable fibers there is.

They’re available in two lovely shades of rinsed indigo with a six-panel pattern and feature an adjustable strap for all dome sizes. The coolest part about them is the chainstitched embroidery on the crown, which channels some sort of classic Americana vibe, as if Old Glory was the name of an intramural sports team or a diner or something. Use your imagination, people.

Available for $135 at Clutch Cafe