PTC Just Restocked Its Japanese Bridle Leather Cuffs

I’m a pretty minimal dresser. Give me a plain tee, a pair of faded denim, and some beat-up boots, and I’ll be as happy as Larry. Sometimes, however, I like to add a bit of flair to my fits. Accessorize and show off a little bit, you know? What better way to do that than with Pigeon Tree Crafting’s Japanese Bridle Cuff. 

The leather used to craft this particular piece is a bit of a jet-setter. From vegetable-tanning in Italy to waxed finishes in Japan, these cuffs have been around the world more times than Daft Punk. There’s something to be said about the environmental impact of such a globetrotting leather, but hopefully, that can be partially offset by you owning this thing forever. 

The edges are burnished with beeswax and the ‘S’ clasp is available in either solid brass or nickel plated brass for that added bit of customizability. Weighing in at a healthy 12-13 oz., the leather PTC has chosen to craft these bad boys is formidable yet comfortable, making it the perfect companion for your wrist. Oh, and the patina potential is top-notch. 

Available for $40 from Pigeon Tree Crafting