Fade Friday – Route Blue Jeans Unknown Model (5.5 Years, 1 Wash, 3 Soaks)

Patrick in Spain has been wearing his Route Blue Denim for 5 and a half years and through 1 wash and 3 soaks, it’s clear he knows the route to amazing fades.

These jeans are the best success story we could’ve ever asked for. Super cool looking wear, done the old-fashioned way, with repetitious wear! Worn while working at a bar every day and going fishing on weekends, our guy literally lived in these jeans. But you didn’t need me to say that. I mean, look at this wearable art. You can see it in each square inch of indigo-dyed perfection.

Hypnotically bright thigh wear strung together with lap whiskers and knee lines. The wild shades of blues only get more magical on the flip side, paired with some crazy accordion honeycombs. But honestly, it’s that gradient from the shin down to the ankles — going from mid-blue to darkish indigo — that is the most satisfying to see.