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Moments In Time – The Barnstormer Jacket

Where would the human race be without aviation? Well, whilst that was a rhetorical question, I can say with confidence that both World Wars would have unfolded very differently, we’d all be a lot less cultured, and Snakes on a Plane wouldn’t be a thing. Worst of all? We wouldn’t have been given the sartorial gift that is the Flight Jacket.

When we discuss flight jackets, we’re typically looking at the archetypal styles from WWII and beyond. But in this installment of Moments In Time, we’ll be taking a look at the jacket that came to be known as ‘The Barnstormer’, a non-military-issued style born in the early days of aviation.

What is a Barnstormer Jacket?


Modern Barnstormers made by Himel Bros. (left) and Aero Leathers (right)


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