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We Need To Talk About Corridor’s FW22 Shirting

I’m a creature of habit. I order the same food at the same restaurants, and I buy my clothes from the same brands. Rarely do I get my feet wet, so to speak. However, Corridor, a New York-based, independent brand, has been catching my eye lately, and I think I’m about ready to cop with its latest shirt drop. 

From heavyweight, textured flannels to intricately designed stand-out pieces, Corridor has something for everyone. So, let’s dive in a little deeper. 

Personally, I’m partial to a flannel shirt. Some of my favorites are from Japanese heavyweights like Warehouse & Co. and UES, for example. To be honest, I kinda felt like I had hit the pinnacle of flannels, but this earth-tone Acid Plaid Trailhead number is making my trigger finger twitch. The contrast of the warm reds and oranges against the earthy greens and browns are just so easy on the eye, and the varying thicknesses of the vertical and horizontal lines running up and across the shirt add that extra bit of flair, elevating the piece beyond your typical flannel. 

Indigo shirts are a solid staple in the wardrobes of most Heddels readers, I imagine. However, if you’re in the market for one or looking to upgrade, Corridor’s Indigo Bengal Stripe shirt looks like it could and should be a solid contender for all of you. Corridor has done a wondrous job layering a lighter blue over the top of a darker shade of indigo, creating a subtle yet eye-catching contrast. Big fan. 

If flannels and indigo shirts aren’t your thing, that’s totally cool. Perhaps you’re after something a bit more flamboyant. Eccentric, if you will. Let me introduce you to Corridor’s Midnight Blur shirt. Now, I’m not entirely sure what Corridor was going for with this pattern, but to me, it looks like someone has taken a picture of the Vermont countryside in the middle of the night off the back of a speeding truck. Blurry leaves, basically. I’m not a strong proponent of saving clothes for best, but this is definitely an occasion shirt. 

Corridor is a brand that pours its heart and soul into every garment it designs – it’s a brand focused on ‘becoming love’, after all. This is something that I believe manifests in the texture of its shirts. Take a look at the Snow Check and the Static Weave. Both have such an interesting texture, from the irregularity of the Snow Check to the almost microscopic multi-colored dots dotted about the Static Weave. Yes, they’re small details. But small details go along way in my book. 

Honestly, I could talk about each and every one of these shirts but, if we’re being honest, I doubt you have the time to trawl through a dissertation on why Corridor’s shirts are great, and quite frankly, I don’t have the word count. With that, I suggest you start scrolling through the collection and justifying why you need another shirt, or four. 

Available for prices ranging from $165-345 from Corridor’s webstore

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