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Sugar Cane Takes Repro To Another Level With Its SC11944US Denim Blouse

Perhaps the high amongst vintage denim collectors are WWII Levi’s jeans and jackets. Yes, there is that historical element and the pure rarity that makes these pieces more than just pieces of clothing but relics. However, there is also the fact that these stripped-down artifacts look so dang cool. Absolutely no unnecessary flourishes – as literally none were allowed. And as the popularity and hype of these items grow, of course, repro brands are gonna help quell the thirst whilst having some fun in the process. That’s what Sugar Cane has done with their Made in USA 13oz. Blue Denim Blouse 1944 Model, going the extra mile — or rather, length of thread — to create an interesting interpretation of denim history.

Apart from being a carbon copy of an original wartime Type I Levi’s jacket in terms of the look and feel of the denim to the perfectly boxy cut, this made-in-USA denim blouson is made with wartime details that all combine for a clean final product. No pocket flap, plain steel rivets, 4 donut button front closure instead of the normal 5 branded button closure — you’re really getting all the geek details whilst being able to drop a zero from the price tag.

And actually, if you count the uncut thread at what looks to be every seam  — meant to reference the urgency/ mimic the lowering of quality control standards at the time — you’re actually getting more than the original. So wear it as is, or get out your scissors and trim to taste.

Available for $369 from Hinoya

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