Samurai Celebrates Year Of The Tiger With Limited Edition S5000VX17OZ Raw Denim Jeans

The Samurai 5000VX 17oz-22TR really are the cat’s bag. Probably because these limited edition jawns commemorate the Year of the Tiger, part of the legendary denim brand’s “Twelve Earthly Branches” series, a collection of special jeans produced over the course of a 12-year period. If your Chinese zodiac is the Tiger, better get a pair in order to synergize your earthly spirit with your fits.

The tiger is in the details, with a vibrant yellow pocket bag featuring tiger stripes, a yellow button fly, and a custom Goatskin “yín” leather patch (the earthly branch these jeans were made to represent). Cut from Samurai’s beautifully fading and brutally durable 17oz. “Zero” fabric, these regular straight jeans feature a mid-low rise (for the big-bellied among us), arcuate-less back pockets, copper rivets, and they’ve been rinsed to eliminate any guess work as to how much they’ll shrink, so you cool cats out there are clear to take these with a snug fit.

Available for $380 ($342 for Heddels+ Members) at Blue in Green.