GOOD ART HLYWD Introduces Locking Rondels

GOOD ART HLYWD is elevating your bead game with its new Locking Rondels. No longer will you worry about your pendants moving around on your #3 and #10 ball chain from Good Art. No, these Rondels (AKA fancy sterling silver bead) lock in place. That means you can pinpoint the exact placement of your pendant, or pendant(s), depending on how you build your ball chain necklace kit. GOOD ART HLYWD has always encouraged a DIY approach to building a custom look and fit to your sterling silver jewelry, and these locking rondels play well with that fun ethos.

Designed and crafted in GOOD ART HLYWD’s in-house foundry in Los Angeles, these .925 Sterling Silver pendants are built with a hinge on one side that locks the rondel in place, and are intended to fit with the brand’s two different ball chain gauges – but I’m sure they’ll probably work on just about any ball chain necklace or bracelet.

Available for $115 from Iron Heart.