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Howlin’s FW22 Knitwear Has Us Barkin’

I don’t when exactly this piece will run and quite a lot could change by the time it does, but because of phenology and the deliberate pace of global warming, it’s safe to say that the weather will be cold soon, at least in places where it tends to be. And because fall is more of a cute little promise or folktale than a recognizable season at this point, winter is bearing down on us whether we can hear the footsteps or not.

Because my self-control is both wanting and well-cataloged, it should come as no surprise to longtime readers that I have an absolutely insufferable (re: potentially offensive) number of sweaters. I don’t think there’s a vertical unrepresented at this point, and I reached critical storage mass at least 10 sweaters ago. Am I just pouring nice knitwear into a bottomless void? You bet. And your boy is down horrendous once again with these new Howlin’ sweaters from Lost & Found.

For those unfamiliar with the venerable label, Howlin’ hails from Antwerp, Belgium, with strong roots in the UK. Scottish slang (apparently) for “smelly,” Howlin’ produces all their garments  to extremely hig standards in either Scotland, Ireland, or Belgium, and literally just do knit stuff. Socks (some of the fuzziest), beanies (also fuzzy, but not all of them because versatility), scarves, and sweaters. And while I do recommend the accessories, we’re mostly here to talk about sweaters.

But let’s rewind real quick: Howlin’ doesn’t always name their clothing normal names or call their colors normal colors. One season they just used David Bowie track names, I think*, which is one way to say they don’t take themselves too seriously. For instance, The Blue Magician is a cardigan with a Charlie Brown pattern and a collar like a baseball jacket and has very little to do with either magicians or the color blue specifically.

There’s also the Shaggy Bear Cardigan, which looks like it sounds, the Four Eyes Cardigan that’s on some nerd chic shit, the seasonal standard Birth of the Cool crewneck in a bubblegum color they’re calling “Rose Juice” because why wouldn’t you, and the Tartan Cardigan, which has enough going on pattern-wise that they could afford to get boring with the name without sacrificing any reputation.

(*I tried checking but I couldn’t find old sweaters because while the internet is indeed permanent, e-commerce is fleeting.)

So, if you’re in the market for a weird sweater, a normal sweater, or just some genetically cozy accessories, take a look at Howlin’. Shit rips.

Available at Lost & Found.

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