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Multicolored Leather Boots – Five Plus One

Five Plus One is our weekly series of buyer’s guides. We pick a specific category and dig up five great options along with one that’s a little outside the norm.

We all appreciate a solid, classic pair of leather boots, but typically these shoes offer a singular note visually. That’s great for a daily driver, but you may be looking for something with a point of difference, i.e. multiple tones or colours, or even patterns.

That’s why we’ve gathered a list of some of the best multicolored leather boots currently available. Whether you have a single pair of boots that you wear every day, a collection of regular colors and styles you’re looking to expand, or no boots at all, this week’s Five Plus One has you covered with some unique stompers to consider.

1) Meermin: Oak Antique/Brown Alicante

Multicolored-Leather-Boots---Five-Plus-One 1) Meermin: Oak Antique/Brown Alicante

If you’re interested in working a pair of multicolored boots into your wardrobe but don’t want to break the bank, then Meermin‘s classic boot in Oak/Antique/Brown Alicante is an excellent option. Featuring chocolatey suede quarters and smooth calf vamp, these boots are easy to dress up or down, which makes them an excellent option as a daily driver. Finished with a rubber sole and waxed laces, it’s hard to go wrong with these.

Available for $175 from Meermin.

2) Carmina: Work Boots in Bourbon Cordovan/Polo SuedeMulticolored-Leather-Boots---Five-Plus-One-2)-Carmina-Work-Boots-in-Bourbon-Cordovan-Polo-Suede


Shell cordovan is a wonderful leather, but it’s expensive and honestly, it’s lack of stretch can make the quarters of a boot feel very stiff against the ankle. Enter Carmina. Their Work Boots in Bourbon Cordovan/Polo Suede features a gorgeous bourbon cordovan on the vamp, which will break in and age beautifully with soft, suede quarters in a slightly contrasting reddish/brown hue. While I admit I do like the look of shell quarters, the savings on price, improved comfort, and overall look of this boot make it a solid contender all around.

Available for $895 from Carmina.

3) Enzo Bonafe: Hunter Boot in Dark Brown/Mahogany Hatch Grain Cordovan


On the other hand, if you’re looking for a 100% shell cordovan boot that still covers multiple colors then Enzo Bonafe‘s Hunter boot in Dark Brown/Mahogany Hatch Grain might be your new grail. Featuring a deep brown shortwing vamp with slightly lighter mahogany hatch grain quarter, these shell cordovan boots are stunners with no detail spared. With hand welting, norvegese stitching, channeled leather sole, and a full leather lining, there is an awful lot to love about these boots. And in reality, there’s nothing to criticize beyond purely subjective aesthetics and the fact that such quality work requires a fitting price tag.

Available for $1186 from Skoaktiebolaget.

4) Norman Vilalta: Decon Chukka in Gold/Milkshake


There are very few multicolored leather chukkas out there, and those that exist aren’t terribly exciting — except for Norman Vilalta‘s Decon Chukka in Gold/Milkshake.With golden leather for the vamp/heel and a creamy ‘milkshake’ suede for the quarters these shoes are definitely some of the most stylized on this list. With a silhouette reminiscent of mid-century modern architecture, it’s no surprise that there are many hidden details in the construction of these shoes. Tiger striping was applied to the bottom of the sole but only after the channel was closed, the vamp is a single piece of leather with nothing hiding the stitch that binds the back together, and even the insole features quilted padding details.

Available for $1195 from Leffot.

5) Crockett & Jones: Moray in Bronze Oiled Sides/Slate Calf Suede


Crockett & Jones is a favorite footwear maker for many of us. Their styles are classic, their construction quality is consistent, and they’re constantly releasing new models to keep things fresh. The latter is especially true of this edition of the Moray boot, produced in collaboration with Division Road and made up of Bronze Oiled Sides/Slate Calf Suede. Despite these two leathers being sourced from different tanneries, they go together as it was meant to be. Finished with a Ridgeway sole and storm welt, these boots are equipped to handle just about anything you throw at them, including the challenge of being the steeziest mofo on the block.

Available for $745, exclusively from Division Road.

Plus One – Yuketen: Maine Guide Boots in Bandana Quatro


Not to be shown up, Yuketen‘s newest iteration of their iconic Maine Guide Boots features not two, not three, but four types of leather. The Bandana Quatro, as they affectionally call it, features brown, tan, green, and blue, banana print suedes, which come together into a shockingly cohesive pair of boots. Finished with Vibram‘s 2021 wedge sole, there is something almost hypnotic about this pair — and while I can’t say it’s the most practical pair on this list it seems surprisingly easy to fit into many workwear/streetwear wardrobes

Available for $726 from Yuketen.

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