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Robin Egg Blue — All About Turquoise & Its Relevance In Heritage Fashion

Everyone knows the blue-green gemstone, Turquoise. Its distinct color can be identified from a mile away. You’ve seen it inlaid in rings, pendants, bolo ties, squash blossom necklaces, conchos, studs, and more. So much of it dots the hands and necks of those deep into southwestern Americana aesthetics, but the story isn’t limited to our little corner of the world, despite the fact that this beautifully teal-hued gemstone often seems to go hand-in-hand with vintage and heritage-inspired fashion.

S0 why do we see turquoise so often in our niche? How long have humans been mining for, trading, and appreciating this whimsical stone? We’ll look to answer those questions and look at the history of turquoise in this article,


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