Tip Your Hat To The Cold With The Real McCoy’s 8HU Blizzard Cap

If it’s cold out where you live and you need a fresh style of headwear to stave the cold off your wabbit-hunting ears, consider The Real McCoy’s 8HU Blizzard Cap.

Coming from McCoy’s’ workwear-inspired “8 Hour Union” sub-label, I guarantee this piece is far unlike anything stashed away in your accessories drawer. What other brimmed hats do you have that are ribbed? The style persists in the minds of the Japanese reproduction authorities at RMC for a reason. It looks good and it’s functional as hell. Oh, and because Elmer Fudd’s hat game was off the chain, for real.

Made to withstand subzero, snowstorm-level climates, the Blizzard Cap is constructed from a brown 100% cotton ‘cord cloth’, which looks like duck canvas to us. It’s made with flannel check lining and contrasting wool ribbing on the brim and sides. Doesn’t that sound warm as hell? It’s made in Japan and available in two sizes for your big, bald head.

Available for $126 at Lost & Found.