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Heddels Staff Select – Socks

Socks might not matter much to most folks out there, but the Heddels community is a very particular batch of people, and we’re willing to spend a little extra time and money to find products that last. We’re incredibly picky about what jeans, tees, jackets, and accessories we commit to purchasing and wearing until they fall apart, so is it any surprise that we’re particular about our socks? Through all the changing seasons, sock rotation doesn’t change all that much, so finding a brand and model you like is important. Not all of these foot holders are particularly fancy, by the way, but they certainly aren’t throwaway socks.

A reliable, high-quality sock that holds up in our niche isn’t as easy to find as you might think. In our niche, socks aren’t usually as highly considered and scrutinized as say, a pair of raw denim. But, luckily for you, the Heddels staff have something to say about the underrated (and so functionally vital) garments that are socks. Just like you need your favorite jeans to fulfill certain criteria, you need your socks to fulfill your personal needs, and we’re sure you’ll find some options below that align with your requirements. If you don’t believe us, try them out and report back on our community Discord, and let us know what worked for you and why.

Why trust us? Well, we’ve all been in the game long enough to have field-tested a range of quality clothing, and the Heddels operation puts us onto some of the best clothing in the world week in, week out. Whilst our opinions and experiences shouldn’t be taken as definitive, this series will provide you insight into what has worked for us and why.


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