Soetsu Yanagi’s “The Beauty of Everyday Things” Is For The Grumpy Guts In Your Life

Function is beauty according to The Beauty of Everyday Things, an eloquent love letter to all the underappreciated, everyday workhorse objects in our lives. Written by philosopher and Japanese folk-craft pioneer Soetsu Yanagi, the book aims to reset and ultimately transform the way in which we view and interact with the stuff we use every day; from kettles and cutlery to bottles and jars. 

Raise your hand if you get a new smartphone every year. Obviously, I can’t see hands, but I’m going to hazard a guess and say that a few of you figuratively put your hand up. We live in an era of machine-made things; plagued by technology that is often rendered obsolete in sometimes a matter of months. Inspired by the work of yet incredibly skilled craftsmen Yanagi came across during his travels through Asia, The Beauty of Everyday Things aims to alter our perspective, and re-ignite our passion for handmade, honest goods.

Whether you’re looking for a new coffee table book, a gift for a loved one this Christmas, or perhaps you’re just a bit jaded with the world, Yanagi’s The Beauty of Everyday Things is worth checking out.

Available for $16 from Kiriko.