WP Standard’s Roughout Briefcase Is an Office Bag For Life

Upgrade the patina potential of your daily office carry with the WP Standard Leather Roughout Woodward Briefcase. Roughout leather is the same as standard full-grain leather, but flipped inside-out, so you can see the ‘rough’ and textured flesh-side of the hide. This side of the hide is super rugged from the jump. It’s honestly an incredible thing to behold once it’s sopped up years and years of patina from sunshine, oil, and all the markings you’re sure to collect over the time spent using this thing (hopefully no ink spillages).

WP Standard went ahead and waterproofed the exterior of this bag for you, so no worries about taking it out in a light drizzle (beware of anything more extreme), your papers and electronics are safe. This thing is functional as hell with details like rivet reinforcements at points of stress, a roomy interior compartment, zippered pouch within, brass hardware, a tonal heavy-duty padded leather strap, and more. And it’s all made in the USA.

Available for $368 from WP Standard.