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Get Your Hooks into Warehouse & Co.’s Lot. 21283 N-1 Type Hook Deck Jacket

If you don’t know what this is based on, then good. I don’t need the extra competition whilst I stack my dimes. Just kidding. I’ll tell ya all about it. Known for its unique design, ‘D’ pockets, and knit cuffs, hem, and collar, as well as its more robust front closure system, the 1943 N-1 Hook Deck Jacket is a grail amongst military and vintage nuts.

Extremely hard to find due to short production time, you might never come across an original one of these.  The hook closure was drafted in to improve the first zip front version, as salt water at sea would corrode the teeth and cause parts of the zipper to break. With hooks, that isn’t an issue. Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk.

But for most enthusiasts who would rather just have the item, whether it was worn on the deck of a warship matters not, and an original should probably be reserved for exhibition purposes —  rather than being at risk of being the latest jacket you spill some of your flat white over. That’s where Warehouse & Co.‘s reproduction of the comes in.

Made in the same way, if not slightly better than the original, the only thing reminding us this isn’t an original is the Warehouse neck tag. From the dreamy blue jungle cloth to the back “U.S. Navy” stencil, this made-in-Japan jacket can kick winter’s keister while providing a conversation-starting outerwear option to blend into your wardrobe.

Available for $780 ($702 for Heddels+ members) from Clutch Cafe.

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