Own Earthy Springtime Looks With Lady White Co.’s Zip Latest Sweat Jackets

Is it a sweatshirt? Is it a jacket? No, it’s a- err… sweat-jacket? Swacket? A swacket!

Cut from a heavy, jacket-weight brushed cotton, Lady White’s Zip Sweat Jacket has been made for the individual that values comfort and quality above all else. The jacket features; a robust zip closure, an angulated side gusset with wide welted side pockets, ribbed cuffs, and a straight hem. And much like the vast majority of Lady White’s sportswear products, it’s been cut and sewn in Los Angeles, CA. 

For a company that literally started out to perfect the most classic item of menswear on the planet: the white tee, you best believe you’re getting a garment with a build quality close to perfection. Typically I wouldn’t advocate following Mark Zuckerberg’s sartorial philosophy – wearing the same, or a variation of the same thing every day. However, with American sportswear extraordinaire Lady White Co., I think I can make an exception.

This particular iteration of Lady White’s Zip Sweat Jacket comes in two beautifully crafted earth tones – a nice concrete grey to mirror your urban surroundings, and a lush forest green to match all those springtime buds that are popping out. 

Available for $267 from Lost & Found.