Fatigue Shorts 2023 – Five Plus One

Five Plus One is our weekly series of buyer’s guides. We pick a specific category and dig up five great options along with one that’s a little outside the norm.

The time is now to prep for the warm weather, and that means expanding whatever collection of shorts you already have. While I generally find myself wearing chino style shorts or easy shorts, fatigues are a great way to break up the monotony. And that’s why we’ve put together a list of our current favorites—all in stock and ready for whatever you have to throw at them.

1) Stan Ray:  Fatigue Shorts

If you’re looking to enter into the Fatigue Short games, Stan Ray’s are an excellent option. They make a whole range of summertime basics, and these made in the USA’s are a great bang for the buck. Made from 100% cotton ripstop, they feature the classic trapezoidal hand pockets and flapped/buttoned back pockets, and come in a wide range of classic colors.

Available for $98 at Stan Ray.

2) Engineered Garments: Fatigue Short

If you’re looking for a pair of fatigue shorts with a bit of a techwear twist, then Engineered Garment’s Fatigue Short are one of the best options. These shorts feature the classic front pocket shape, but also have a hidden zipper. They’re finished with a drawstring closure to ensure a snug fit.

Available for $235 at Lost & Found.

3) Universal Works: Summer Cord Fatigue Short

Universal Works always gets the workwear right, and that pattern continues with their Summer Cord Fatigue Short. Something about the vertical lines of the cord just matches the fatigue pattern perfectly, and the combination is hard to dislike. Made from 100% cotton fabric with the requisite patch pockets, these relaxed fitting shorts would make a welcome addition to most any wardrobe.

Available for $119 at End Clothing.

4) Flint & Tinder: Fatigue Shorts

While there are some articles of clothing that don’t have many inexpensive options, fatigue shorts are not them. Flint and Tinder’s Fatigue Shorts are yet another excellent, entry-level option and come in a handful of great colors. Made from a 99%/1% cotton/spandex blend, these shorts also feature contrasting fabrics lining the waistband and back pocket flaps giving them that special little detail that will keep you coming back.

Available for $88 at Huckberry.

5) Uniform Bridge: Linen Easy Fatigue

A lot of us avoid wearing shorts in favor of our raws, but sometimes it’s just too hot for that — and on those days, what could be better than linen shorts? Uniform Bridge’s Linen Easy Fatigue shorts have a lot about them to love; they’re made from an 83%/17% cotton/linen blend, and their long silhouette, drawstring/elasticated waist, and blacked out colorway really sets them apart.

Available for $141 at Wallace Mercantile.

Plus One – Engineered Garments: Multicolor Fatigue Shorts

While most fatigue shorts subscribe to the workwear aesthetic, Engineered Garments’ Multicolored fatigue shorts are a bit different. Patched together from some textured and colorful fabrics, these short are truly like nothing else on the market. While yes, the classic front pockets are present, they’re really not very visible given how garish the fabric. But honestly, that’s fine by me—the fabric is the start of the show, and no pattern could possibly upstage it.

Available for $236 at Lost & Found.