Go to Battle with Momotaro’s GTB Denim Shoulder Pouch Bag

This may be hard for some of you to hear but when summer does finally come around, it will bring with it some temperatures that might mean you won’t be able to rock those jeans you’ve been working on all winter and spring. Fear not though as Momotaro Jeans have applied their skills to the accessory sector with great effect, resulting in the GTB Denim Shoulder Pouch, meaning that no matter how high the degrees go you’ll still have a degree of denim in your fit.

Made in Japan from a 100% cotton denim, this nifty little bag has a fairly straight forward design with one zipped main compartment and front pocket that sits above the iconic painted striped branding. The adjustable shoulder strap makes for an efficient cross body application and it’s also detachable which means with the help of the two loops on the back, you can also wear this directly on your belt. One thing to note is that much like its trouser counterparts, there is a chance of some indigo transfer so white short wearers, you have been warned.

Available now for $72 at Hinoya.