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Lace-to-Toe Boots – Five Plus One

Five Plus One is our weekly series of buyer’s guides. We pick a specific category and dig up five great options along with one that’s a little outside the norm.

Lace-to-toe boots aren’t the most common style of footwear, but if dress in a workwear aesthetic they’re certainly a solid option. And for whatever reason boot brands often seen to make some of their most interesting make-ups in LTT styles. Now more than ever we’re seeing a great breadth of LTT boots, which is why we’ve decided to update our 5+1 with the latest options—but keep your eyes peeled, this is just a smattering of what’s out there.

1) Sagara: New Valiant

Lace-to-Toe-Boots---Five-Plus-One 1) Sagara: New Valiant

When Sagara first gained notoriety it was for their well constructed and reasonably priced footwear, but underwhelming quality. Luckily for us that qualm is a thing of that past, and the leathers they choose are some of the best in the industry. Their New Valiant boot, shown here in Maryam Horse Butt leather, is a beautifully executed LTT boot, finished with a 270º Norvegese construction, Dr. Sole cork half-sole, and brass eyelets. Be careful, though, this style of boot can be a slippery slope, and who knows how many pairs you’ll find your closet filled with.

Available for $630+ from Sagara.

2) Tricker’s for Division Road: Super Monkey Boot


Tricker’s Monkey Boots are a great option for a LTT boot, and the Super Monkey Boots they make with Division Road are that much better. Shown here in a CF Stead’s, Storm Grey Waxed Kudu, these boots come together to form a beautiful pair of casual shoes. Featuring a stark white Vibram Christy Morflex sole, 360º natural welt, and nickel eyelets, the decision to pair these boots with white laces was a masterstroke. They come in several colorways and they’re all great, but there is just something eye catching about the kudu.

Available for $585 from Division Road.

3) Tricker’s x Clutch Cafe ‘Hugo’ Monkey Boot Black Suede

It’s doubly tricky in this week’s edition because here’s another pair of Tricker’s, this one in collaboration with Clutch Cafe. The unique part of this pair is the Waxy Commando Suede leather, which is a hardwearing water repellent leather from Charles F Stead. The oily, waxy nature of the leather will age uniquely as it forms to the shape of your foot. They also come with a uniquely shaped toe cap and a Dainite sole to prevent slippage.

Available for $445 at Clutch Cafe.

4) John Lofgren: LK-004


John Lofgren’s LK-004 lace-to-toe boot is another example of a classic, vintage inspired LTT boot but this time with JL’s own flare. Shown here in Badalassi Carlo leather, these boos feature a double leather midsole, rubber half sole, veg-tanned upper, and horsehide lining. While I certainly wouldn’t suggest these as a first pair of boots they’re boots are nothing if not tough, and would make an amazing addition to any collection.

Available for $630CAD+ (50% deposit) from Brooklyn Clothing.

5) Unmarked: Archie Boots


Unmarked’s Archie Boots, shown here in red horse leather, are based on the pattern of traditional, Mexican work boots. The pattern is simple, which really lets the color of the leather stand out, which is does wonderfully paired with antique brass hardware, Dr. Sole rubber half sole, and clean, rolled top edge. Available in several colorways, these boots are quite reasonably priced for all your getting making them an easy choice if you want a pair of LTT but don’t want to pay the premium they so frequently come with.

Available for $390 from Unmarked.

Plus One – Rolling Dub Trio: Colobus Seamless Monkey Boot – Black Vachetta

Lace-to-Toe-Boots---Five-Plus-One-Plus-One-- -Rolling-Dub-Trio-Colobus-Seamless-Monkey-Boot---Black-Vachetta

Rolling Dub Trio’s Colobus Seamless Monkey Boot was the clear winner of this week’s 5+1 slot. A lot of unique choices went into this build, but all of the details work together beautifully: from the whole cut pattern and grainy leather upper to the closely trimmed edge and Blake construction, RDT truly thought of everything. It’s finished on a cork outsole with a metal toe tap and mismatched laces, just to add that much more flair.

Available for $225 (50% deposit) from Standard & Strange.

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