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USMC Uniforms of the Pacific War

Olive drab fabrics are arguably just as iconic as denim in the world of heritage workwear. Whilst they were born out of problematic and harrowing circumstances, garments like OG107 pants and field jackets have become absolute staples in the world of heritage wear. If denim is the apple pie, olive HBT or sateen is cream, and combining the two leads to some of the sweetest and most reliable fits you can put together.

The OG107 uniform of the Vietnam War will probably always hold the crown in terms of overall popularity in the modern world, but anyone into heritage gear should be aware of the earlier USMC uniforms from WWII. Formulated in the Pacific War, the P41 and P44 uniform sets are HBT-laden military garb that also happens to be just as handsome as it is functional. They’re the forefathers of fatigues.


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