Sport Invisible Ankles with Anonymous Ism’s Camo Crew Socks

Have you ever tried those socks that are designed not to be seen at all? They always either slip and end up underneath your foot which then in turn causes your shoes to rub your heels which has to be top 10 most annoying things of all time, or they stay up but also can be seen by everyone which totally defeats the object and you end up lookin’ foolish. Well, Japanese sock superheroes Anonymous Ism have solved all this with their latest Crew Sock dressed entirely in camo.

This discreet option from their glorious line of feet huggers is made in Japan from a comfortable and durable cotton mix- 51% cotton, 22% acrylic, 15% nylon, 15% polyester and 1% polyurethane to be exact, complete with ribbed ankles and cuffs and that camouflage pattern knitted throughout to ensure no one will see them coming.

Available now for $36 at Clutch Cafe.