Red Wing Drops its Previously JP-Exclusive 8833 Hawthorne Abilene Moc Toe in the West

Say konnichiwa to this limited edition Red Wing Classic Moc No. 8833, formerly exclusive to the Japanese market. The sandy colored roughout suede dubbed Hawthorne Albinine is a truly special leather from the Wing’s S.B. Foot Tannery, offering all the functionality of tanned leather with the soft natural finish of suede, like a refreshing spring air warming up Red Wing’s legendary moc line

The Hawthorne Albinne 8833 has been available for some time now in women’s sizing, but it’s now available in larger sizes. Just in time to grace the feet of noted Red Wing fanatic Ryan Gosling in his upcoming film The Fall Guy. 

Boot enthusiasts and casual observers alike are familiar with Red Wing’s Moc Toe design. While the brand has offered many versions over the years, the No. 8833 with a flat alpine sole has arguably become the Moc Toe boot archetype. Getting your hands — let alone your feet — on a pair exposes a tactile work of art that’s still made in the USA to this day. Quality of build is there to see, which includes a reinforcing panel on the back and a high tongue gusset that goes up to the second-to-top eyelet — both aiming to provide weather resistance. The whole package is assuringly anchored by a Goodyear welted Traction Tred outsole.

Of course, you can get all that top-shelf construction from plenty of boots, but what we’re all here for is that sweet, supple natural roughout texture. Roughout leather is simply the inside of the animal’s hide – in this case cow. While the leather is tanned, the process is stopped before the final dying stage which retains the natural appearance. The resulting color is an ideal tonic to freshen up any monotone brown and black boot collection. A rugged boot that still complements all those light summer colors and patterns in your wardrobe. 

In a testament to Red Wing’s high character, these bad boys are priced at $300, matching the standard No 8833 models and actually $60 cheaper than the cordovan leather version. As a long sought-after commodity in the boot world, Red Wing could have jacked up the price on this Hawthorne Albinine drop and they would have sold all the same. Good looks, RW. 

Available for $300 from Stag Provisions.