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Trucker Hats – Putting the Cap in Capitalism

In the history of humans wearing clothing, there have been thousands, if not millions, of unique garment styles created for a variety of purposes: to protect from the elements to comfort and soothe, to aid in self-expression, to name but a few. Yet I can think of none more shrewd and more alienated from any of those than the Trucker Hat.

Yes, I’m talking about the “good ol’ boy”, Larry the Cable Guy, Ashton Kutcher in Von Dutch, that you can smell the stale Budweiser and Marlboro smoke on from across a Goodwill. In my opinion, it is not a garment. It is a parasite masquerading as a hat to turn its wearer into a walking billboard at the smallest possible expense to its maker. And I think that’s why they deserve our respect and admiration.

Dawn of the Deere

In the 1960s, developments in plastics and polymers meant manufacturers could develop a hat made entirely of petroleum byproducts—a thick foam in the front, a plastic mesh in the back for breathability, and an adjustable plastic snap in the back for sizing.


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