Burgus Plus Shakes Things Up with Shawl Collar Polo

Whether modeled after 20s or 30s sportswear or simply a fresh remix on some old-school styling, the Burgus Plus Shawl Collar Polo Shirt will have you looking subtly dapper.

Coming in Ivory and Navy, the polo features a 3 button placket, with buttons engraved with an anchor motif, and a rounded left chest pocket that provides as many style points as functional ones. It’s made from a hefty yet breathable cotton with double thick thread to keep it together for years — this is not your average polo and is meant to be worn hard. You can even look forward to breaking this collared cutie and earning some patina on it,  which will surely make this your favorite shirt in due time.

Last but certainly not least, the collar moves away from the standard point collar and opts for a rounded shawl collar. Not only present in the early 20th century in casual, athletic, and work clothing, the shawl was also prevalent in the US Navy, giving this choice over 100 years of stylistic reinforcement.

Available for $65 from Hinoya.