Invest in ONI’s ‘Crushed Conrete’ Selvedge Before it Sells Out Again

Remember ONI‘s Asphalt selvedge denim that sold out everywhere last year? Well, it’s back! Just tuned up for summer and under a new name. And don’t worry – the nep and texture levels are still cranked all the way up.

Say hello to ONI’s ‘Crushed Concrete’ raw selvedge denim. Weighing in at 14. oz and woven with ultra-low tension, this fabric — along with the Asphalt fabric from 2023 — is among ONI’s most heavily textured ever. Seriously, just click through the images and see the snowy, rough texture, aptly named after the naturally rough composite that forms our cities. How ONI’s founder Oishi-San (who is still heavily involved in fabric production and design) has achieved this level of textural excellence on a lighter-weight fabric is a mystery, but it means these jeans are more suitable for year-round wear.

Available across three different ONI silhouettes, from tapered to relaxed, each jean in the Crushed Concrete series is made using the top-tier formula we know and love from the Japanese  label. Heavy duty bar tacks, a custom vegetable-tanned leather waist patch, robust pocket bags, hidden rivets, chain stitching, a selvedge coin pocket, and more.

We’ll keep our eyes open for jackets and other drops from this special fabric.

Available in very limited quantities for $255 from Redcast Heritage.