Sail Into Summer with Red Cloud’s Navy Deck Pants

Summer doesn’t have to be for denim projects. You know what I mean – painstakingly fading your jeans so they look all cool ‘n stuff. If that is your thing cool but to the rest of us out there, it’s okay to skip the line and simply enjoy the fruits of a manufacturer’s labor while you soak up the compliments. Is it stolen valor? No. Is it stolen indigo? Yes, but at the end of the day, if it sets the right tone for your adventures, that is all that matters.

Enter Red Cloud‘s 1940s Navy Deck Pants in a Vintage Wash. Inspired by an original pair of naval deck pants, RC went above and beyond to remain true to the OG, even going as far as weaving proprietary denim to ensure an accurate texture. Modernized with a hidden drawstring, you can get a serious look while keeping the effort casual and adjustable.

Closed out with a button fly, scarily authentic repairs, and a flowy wide-cut, you can throw these on whether you have a USN background or not — you already know some civilians adopted these pants for casual wear. All they need is some pumps and a quality white tee and you have one of the most ironclad summer looks of all time.

Available for $380 from Red Cloud.

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