Viberg Launches Limited Archive Sale

Whether you’ve been into quality footwear for years or you’re just stepping into the niche, Viberg is one of the biggest names that will be on your radar. Making each pair in Canada with a stitchdown construction method they’ve been championing for decades, Viberg is a storied footwear maker that has perfected many styles of iconic footwear, from Service Boots to Hikers and beyond.

What stops many people from getting their hands on a pair of Vibergs? The price point. Most pairs of Vibergs start around $850 and can rocket up to near $2,000 if there is a really special leather involved. And while the superior quality and cost-per-wear metric certainly makes these price points fairer than they sound, it’s completely fair enough that many folks can’t — or don’t want to — part with that much dough.

Whatever your situation, you can save money on a pair of Vibergs with their super-limited archive sale. Yep! Until Monday 3rd June, you can shop Vibergs archive of past-season models and factory seconds, all at heavily discounted prices. The sale includes Viberg’s iconic Stitchdown Service Boot®, Chelseas, Scout Boots, Hikers, and more.

Shop the Viberg Archive Sale at Vibergarchive