Waist Bags – Five Plus One

Five Plus One is our weekly series of buyer’s guides. We pick a specific category and dig up five great options along with one that’s a little outside the norm.

As a child of the 90’s it took me a good, long while to come to terms with waist bags. Whether worn as cross-body bags or as fanny packs, my childhood associations definitely prevented me from accepting them for a time. But they’re here to stay, and now that I’m over the initial hurdle I find myself with a dangerous new category of accessories to collect.

Whether you’re looking for a one-and-done travel companion or another piece for the collection, we hope we’ve got you covered with this week’s edition of Five Plus One.

1) Aeta: Waist Bag S – Black


Aeta‘s Waist Bag is definitely one of the most substantial bags on this list. Made in Japan, it’s bag is a lot taller than many others in their category, and that combined with its padded waistband makes for a pretty serious waist pack. With a large inner pocket and an easy-to-access outer pocket, this bag should have all the room you need for your extended everyday carry and more

Available for $285 from Namu.

2) PORTER YOSHIDA & Co.: Tanker Waist Bag – Black


Anyone who is familiar with Porter Yoshida & Co. won’t be surprised to see their Tanker line includes a great looking Waist Bag. And for anyone not familiar with Porter: Boy, have I got a brand for you.

This iteration of their nylon twill waist bag features the bomber jacket-inspired classic, shiny black exterior and bright orange interior color combination that we all know and love. With multiple pockets with varying levels of easy of access, this bag may just become your next favorite travel companion.

Available for $345 from Blue in Green.

3) Gramicci: Cordura Hiker Bag Black


For those of you who are more interested in a cross-body bag, Gramicci‘sCordura Hiker Bag might be right up your alley. Although it can be worn however you like, this bag is well-designed for cross-body wear and the padded underside makes it extra comfortable. With three large pockets and several dividers, it’s easy to fit everything you need in this bag, and both the Cordura nylon and quality construction ensure it can hold up to whatever you throw at it.

Available for $109 from Calculus.

4) master-piece: Slant Waistbag Khaki


If you’re looking for a sleep bag when you just need to carry a few things that won’t fit in the pockets of your favorite raws, master-piece‘s Slant Waistbag might be just the ticket. With two compartments and a sleek dual-tone colorway, this Japanese-made Cordura nylon bag has everything you need: no more, no less. And while the price is higher than something you’d find at your favorite Big Name stores, the price remains quite palatable for those in the workwear game.

Available for $94 from Lost & Found.



If you want a waist bag that fits just a bit more than the rest, Bellroy‘s Venture Sling 6L might be the answer. This simple, ripstop bag has more than enough pockets for everything you could possibly want and is designed well to keep things separated to easily find what you need. And since it’s made from a water-resistant, 100% recycled material you can feel good while being sure your important items are safely out of harm’s way.

Available for $129 from Revolvr.

Plus One – Ikenohata Ginkawaten: Dual Leather Pocket Bag


While synthetics are a great material for bags due to being both durable and lightweight, it’s hard to deny the inherent beauty of a nice leather bag. While the added weight of leather won’t be for everyone, Ikenohata Ginkawaten Dual Leather Pocket Bag looks so good it’s a sacrifice we’re happy to make.

This piece is made in Japan from a combination of buffalo and cowhide, and features brass hardware and two pockets for all your carrying needs. This probably isn’t the practical or inexpensive choice, but sometimes you just want to splurge on the most luxurious choice. Let’s not forget the potential for untold patina, too.

Available for $265 from Corlection.