Warehouse & Co.’s Lot. 4509 Ringer Tees are a Summer Staple

Nailing vintage cool since its inception in ‘96, Osaka 5 member Warehouse & Co. is back with some more mid-century excellence. Their Ringer Tees — inspired by vintage American athletic wear — are a real winner if you’re looking to diversify your tee selection.

Whether you’re aspiring to look like a ‘50s off-duty MLB player or Napoleon Dynamite’s Amekaji-obsessed brother, these Ringer Tees are a shoo-in to any vintage-centric wardrobe. Made in Japan from 100% cotton, they deliver on both comfort and durability.

Soft, breathable, built to last, and perfect for everyday wear — especially when you’re feeling a little nostalgic. Whack one of these on, plug in your Walkman, and take a walk ’round the park.

Available for $84 from Clutch Cafe.