Anatomica Made a Stellar Adaptation of the 1918 U.S. Army Pullover

One thing that keeps so many of us coming back to repro garments are their ability to bridge the gap between timeless styles and approachability. Anatomica‘s 1918 Pullover in Army Twill Olive Drab is the perfect example. Sure, you could spend your life or back account hunting down an original, but then what? You could gingerly wear it on occasion, but anything more might turn this into a discussion on the ethics and the implications of further shredding an original piece of early military history. Of course, I’m hyperbolizing, but there is an ounce of truth in there, right?

Made in Japan, Anatomica’s take plays it cool with a cotton/linen blend that will be a breezier wear in the warmer months. It comes in the classic pullover design with unbranded donut buttons, short collar, and of course the 2 show-stopping chest pockets which nearly span the full front panel of the garment. Tell me it wouldn’t take you 5 minutes to carefully pull on an original over your head. And actually utilize the pockets? As if. Reach for this to get the same look at a fraction of the price, and worry not.

Available for $335 from Clutch Cafe.

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