Fade Friday – Yukata Company Itsu 15 oz. Raw Selvedge Denim Jeans (1 Year, Countless Washes)

Breaking: 15 oz. Yutaka Company Jeans owned by Pandu in Indonesia are making international headlines on account of their sensational fades.

So, what’s the scoop? Sources close to the subject say these jeans have only been worn for 1 year, and to no one’s surprise, have gone through the washing machine countless times. With witnesses verifying that Pandu delivers between 100-200 parcels a day working for a delivery service, you can bet a lot of saddle time contributed to the deep crease lines that have almost disappeared due to exhaustion. Fellow bystanders note stacked whiskering and evaporating honeycombs as stand-out features as Pandu went from drop-off to drop-off. Experts on the matter credit repaired knees and a toasty leather patch as details that push this vintage-looking pair to the next level. Reporting live from Fade HQ, this is your correspondent signing out.