Franklin & Poe Maintains Wesco Partnership with Collaborative 8″ Jobmaster Boot

To master any job, it doesn’t hurt to have some Jobmasters right? Marking their latest collaboration with Wesco, Franklin & Poe drop a special Jobmaster boot ready to support you on your feet at the job site, in the office at your desk, and most importantly online in the fit-pic forums.

Made from a robust Burgundy Domain leather, the darker color brings a new shade to the lineman conversation, welcoming some rich patina after cranking up the mileage. Featuring all the incredibly thoughtful details that tie together a special boot, like brass hardware and expert stitchwork, the lace-to-toe design and Super Grip sole help cement this collaboration as a boot for the ages. They’re stomping in at an 8″ height, so make sure you have some socks that are up to the challenge and, of course, your favorite pair of denim, khakis, or fatigues on deck. And if you get the urge to give the hem an extra roll to show off these bad boys, just know it’s not you, it’s a by-product of buying a pair of footwear you’re seriously proud of.

Available for $685 from Franklin & Poe.