ONI Denim’s 8.5 oz. Chambray 022SVC Might be The Ultimate Summer Jean

With temperatures heating up and pretending that you aren’t sweating your brains off when wearing jeans yielding a negative ROI, it might be time to look into some alternatives this summer.

By now, you’ve probably crossed paths with chambray. But I’ll guarantee it’s been in shirt form. However now, thanks to ONI Denim, you can now be the only homie on the block with chambray below the belt, kid. May we present the Relaxed Straight 8.5 oz. selvedge Chambray Jeans! Thicker than a USN shirt but thinner than your go-to pair of raws, these jeans are the perfect option when you want to keep the pant dream alive through warmer temperatures.

Possessing a most excellent texture typical of the Japanese brand, you can thank an indigo-dyed warp yarn for the future fading potential of these lightweight five-pockets. A relaxed straight fit keeps things loose for laid back summer days,  whilst everything is closed out with ONI branding all over —  from the donut buttons to the cloth patch. Get ’em before they blow away in the warm breeze.

Available for $188 from Hinoya.