Samurai Crafts Relaxed Polo Shirt Using Cotton From Its Own Cotton Farm

Samurai continues bringing farm-to-table to the clothing industry with its Japanese Cotton Polo Shirt in Natural, Kuromame, Kuri, and Kuri Dark.

Everyone needs at least one polo shirt in their wardrobe come summer, but the decision paralysis is real, especially as the high street is full of copy-and-paste polo shirts that saturate the market. Luckily, Samurai makes it easy, especially if ethics are in play. Made using #10 slub yarn that has been woven in Wakayama and constructed in Kyoto, these buttery soft shirts bring the receipts when it comes to production.

But it doesn’t stop there – what if we told you the actual yarn itself has been meticulously chosen? See, the cotton itself is Samurai’s own supply, grown without fertilizers or pesticides in Sasayama for the Samurai Cotton Project. So yeah, not only is this perhaps the most intentional polo of all time, with its nut button placket and short collar,  However, based on robust details like its slubby texture and construction details including the use of a ’60s vintage Union Special flat seamer for all seams, we won’t judge if you chomp on a leg first.

Available for $159 from Redcast Heritage.