These Yogi Crepe Sole Sneakers were Made for Loafin’

Yogi’s Loaf Crepe Sole Sneaker is the perfect footwear choice for the stylish slacker who wants to look effortlessly good while exerting minimal effort.

Inspired by the classic moccasin design, these sneaker-moccasin hybrids offer a contemporary twist with their sleek profile and natural crepe sole, which not only provides excellent cushioning but also adds a touch of rustic charm. Crafted in Portugal from premium suede, the upper is both soft and durable, ensuring these shoes can handle a stroll in the park or a casual day at the office with equal ease.

The construction of these Yogi sneaks involves a mix of machine- and hand-woven stitching, so you’re getting the best of both worlds, while the distinctive crepe sole delivers great traction and flexibility, making them particularly pleasurable to walk in. You don’t need to walk in ’em though, feel free to just loaf around the house/yard in these whilst WFH or chilling.

Available for $252 from Huckberry.