Viberg & Division Road Made the Most Patina-Ready Chelsea Boot

There’s something about natural vegetable-tanned leather footwear that just pops like no other. Hender Scheme made an entire brand out of this concept, but today we’re looking at a more storied maker that stomps its feet in the heritage footwear market — Viberg.

Viberg is continuing its creative partnership with Virgina-based retailer and collaboration powerhouse, Division Road, issuing this limited edition pair of Chelsea Boots in Champagne Washed Vacchetta leather from Conceria over in Italy. This special leather uses a proprietary which involves pit-tanning selected bovine hides using oak/mimosa barks and vegetable tannins to maintain the natural splendor of each hide. Keeping the resulting leather completely undyed, the tannery then washes and oils it to accentuate the beautiful natural tone. This could be the finest and most patina-ready leather we’ve ever seen.

This Conceria leather would look good on anything, but use it to construct Viberg’s 2030 Chelsea boot and you have yourself a grail-tier set of boots. It’s built with a whole cut upper, Goodyear welt construction, a leather-structured toe, natural leather midsole, and a gorgeously scalloped natural leather 360 storm welt. All of this is placed on a Lactae Hevea TZAR Crepe Sole, which are not only sustainable, but some of the most robust crepe soles on the market.

When DR and Viberg team up it’s always special, but this rendition of the 2030 Chelsea is beyond that. Especially when you think how that natural leather will look like after years of wear. In other words, they’ve set ’em up, it’s time for you to knock ’em down.

Available exclusively at Division Road for $945.