Ball in Boondockers with Viberg’s N1 Boot Marine Field Shoe

WWII footwear is rarer than hen’s teeth so when we get the chance to own a reinterpretation that rivals original examples, we jump at the chance. Using actual pairs from their archive as reference, Viberg is resurrecting the 1940s Marine Corp. Field Boot in all its glory – and then some. The Canadian footwear brand has looked at the classic ‘Boondocker’ issued to USMC and USN personnel, and specced it up with its world-class materials and manufacturing techniques. I’ll happily drop and give them 20 for that.

Made in Victoria BC, these boots feature a Horween Natural upper atop a Dr. Sole Raw Cord Sole, and a gusseted Natural CXL tongue which makes us think these would pass military quality control with flying colors. Accented with #2 Chantal Brown Eyelets and an unstructured toe, these N1s are finished with Viberg’s signature double-row stitchdown construction. Each pair can be re-soled if you manage to wear them out, and you can easily cop a replacement Raw Cord Sole from Dr. Sole, too.

Whether you’re looking for the perfect period-correct boots for your military or workwear-inspired look or simply want a reliable end-tier boot that will never go out of style, these will tick the boxes you need. But be warned, the last batch of these sold out pretty quick, so think fast if you want to give ’em a try.

Available for $860 from Viberg.