Fountain Head Leathers’ Beta Horsehide Jacket is for Leather Obsessives

To many leather jacket enthusiasts, the 40s-60s may be known as a pivotal period with classics like the A-2 Bomber and the Schott Perfecto practically burned into the fabric of society. But what about the 30s? When the world of leather jackets was much more like the Wild West – a transitional period where aviation influence was still in the air and manufacturers, not yet set in their ways, were open to trying out new designs.

The Fountain Head Leathers Beta Horeside Leather Jacket pays respects to this exciting time, featuring many details and an overall shape that seems modern, but actually turns the clock way back. Taking cues from Leather Togs custom leather jackets, Fountain Head starts with a 1.5  mm thick horsehide and sculpts an asymmetrical masterpiece consisting of an off-center front zip and a glorious D-pocket that breaks up any semblance of normalcy on this jacket. Finished with repro Waldes zips, a belted waist, and of course — plenty of studs — this jacket is going to be hard to beat whether or not you can tell a clutch from a brake.

Available for $2,050 from Clutch Cafe.