Fullcount’s Long Run Tee is Triumphant

British engineering heritage meets more recent Japanese clothing heritage in the form of Fullcount‘s Long Run t-shirt. This Japanese-made tee features a print inspired by the logo of Triumph Motorcycles, originally founded in Coventry, UK, in 1885.

Printed t-shirts are a recent addition to Fullcount’s repertoire and one which has received a huge amount of attention to detail, as to be expected from the brand. Fullcount has developed an original, specific t-shirt silhouette that is specially made for their printed tees. The 100% cotton 17/1 jersey is manufactured through air spinning the yarns, giving the fabric a unique texture and softness, making it super comfortable to wear day in and day out. The nature of the air-spun yarn can give rise to slight variations in the t-shirt size depending on the weather of the day they are produced—as air spinning is affected by temperature and humidity.

Perfect for bikers, Japanophiles, or just anyone who likes an incredibly well-made t-shirt, Fullcount’s Long Run Tee is a real Triumph.

Available at Cultizm for $12o.