Lady White Co. Zips Up Cotton Rayon Blend Track Top

We’ve all rolled our eyes at those cringe “quiet luxury” or “stealth wealth” TikToks, where influencers preach about understated elegance while flashing thousand-dollar basics. The Lady White Co.’s Lightweight Full Zip Sweatshirt is real quiet luxury: low-key sophistication that blends top-tier craftsmanship and ultimate comfort.

This jacket – available in two muted colorways: “post grey” and “rock” – is all about sleek, no-fuss design and top-notch fabric that feels as good as it looks. Made in the U.S.A. from a 50/50 cotton-rayon blend, LWC’s Lightweight Full Zip exudes laid-back, California cool. Ideal for throwing on over a crisp white tee, a pair of sweatshorts, and some minimal sneaks, it’s your perfect grab-and-go piece. Forget loud patterns and logos; this piece is about timeless elegance and functionality.

Available for $315 from Lost & Found.