Loop & Weft’s Super Slub Tube Tees Come in Two Different Finishes


Edge piping version


Double Binder version

Once you’ve sorted your plain white tee game, attention often turns to more unique T-shirts that spice up your selection. And if you’re like most of our readers, you appreciate high-quality, nuanced fabrics over gimmicky prints. Serving our niche with more unique cotton fabrics that we can shake a stick at is Loop & Weft, a Japanese label determined to produce some of the most exciting tees and sweats in the heritage space.

Cutting no corners in SS24, Loop & Weft has dropped its new ‘Super Slub Tube Tees’ which come in two different silhouettes, both constructed from an incredibly slubby cotton jersey knitted on vintage tubular machines. First up, you’ve got the Edge Piping version, which comes with binding on the neckline, sleeve hems, and bottom hem. Each binding is reinforced with stitching and finished with neat edge piping. These details reinforce these areas of the shirt while articulating the fit, leading to a more fitted tee that compliments your biceps.

The ‘Double Binder’ version of the Super Slub Tube Tee features the same fabric and bound/piped ‘parent & child’ neckline as the aforementioned Edge Piping tee but with good ol’ triple stitched sleeves and hem which drape openly rater than hugging the body.

Both Super Slub Tube Tees variants have no side seams and come in 4 beautifully heathered colorways – heather blue, roast orange, ocean green, and antique black.

Available at Redcast Heritage for $82.

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