The Indigo Kathmandu S/S Shirt is a Kapital Klassic

We don’t need to tell you that Kapital‘s Indigo Kathmandu short-sleeved shirt is amazing. It’s Kapital, it’s patchwork, it’s indigo — so you already know. The Japanese label has been producing the Kathmandu since 2006 so it’s solidly confirmed as a classic.

Crafted in Kojima, Japan, this summer-ready short-sleeved version of the Kathmandu IDG Shirt is a patchwork of half linen and half cotton, all dyed in indigo. This creates a patchwork that is asymmetrical in more ways than one—each patch is a different size and drinks up the indigo dye in different ways, creating a beautiful palette.

A physical embodiment of the late Toshikiyo Hirata‘s brand, the devil is in the details here: unique mismatched buttons, frayed hems, and a a side waist pocket with gorgeous embroidered detailing. It’s designed to look worn, patched, and repaired, channeling the essence of boro in a wearable package.

Available at Independence for $355.