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Repairing and Caring FAQs

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  1. How come the inside of jeans have different colors?
  2. What should my raw denim jeans look like before I know it’s time to give them a first soak/wash?
  3. Should I add Woolite dark while soaking my jeans?
  4. How can I keep my denim rigid?
  5. I got caught in a downpour while wearing my raw denim. Will they still fade? Are they ruined?
  6. Some denim has honeycomb fades near the leg openings. How do you get those fades?
  7. When I soak my jeans, can I rub the fabric or will it ruin the fades?
  8. How can I prevent my raw denim from fading?
  9. Is there any downside to buying unsanforized denim and leaving them in the closet a few months before soaking and starting the wear process?
  10. What’s the technical term for creating a clean inseam on jeans and some shirts?
  11. What are the best cleaning options for denim after they have been worn for so long?
  12. Should I soak my sanforized denim prior to wearing them?
  13. Wouldn’t the sanforization process (in denim) no longer make raw denim raw as it is then treated, sometimes chemically, but at the very least with water or steam?
  14. My jeans are still about 1.5-2 inches too long, should I continue to soak them? Or have them altered?
  15. How do I shrink my Levi’s 501 STF?
  16. How do I fix my baggy knees on my denim jeans?
  17. My dry cleaner flat pressed my raw denim and I lost my creases from the last year. Is it possible to reform them?
  18. Will a pair of washed raw denim jeans (washed “once-only”) be able to achieve honey combs and fades? Will re-starching help with the fading too?
  19. If I dip my denim jacket in heavy starch to make it rigid, will it help in the overall fading?
  20. Should I soak my raw denim first, wash them first, or just wear them first?
  21. Should I sous vide my denim jeans and if so, any tips for time and temperature?
  22. Once I’m happy with my denim fades, should I start to wash my jeans on a semi regular basis to bring out that awesome rich indigo blue?
  23. Help! I have a hole in the bottom of my pant’s crotch. How do I fix?
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