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How To Repair Raw Denim Holes & Blowouts via Darning

Without a doubt, one of the biggest annoyances one has to endure in their raw denim journey is the multitude of rips, tears, holes, and all-encompassing blowouts. What may first seem like a negligible knick gradually grows into a minor hole (or large hole, in some cases), before reaching the final stage of a fully fledged blowout.

Darning Raw Denim Before

Pre-Darning Raw Denim (source: ajchen.com)

How should one deal with this inevitable situation? Among many repairing methods, the best option is to have your denim darned. Compared to hand stitching a patch over the hole, darning involves weaving (and blending) in new threads.

As a result, not only will your denim be left strongly secured, but the hole will also be masked so well that any once prominent damage will be unnoticeable.

Darning Raw Denim After

Post-Darning Raw Denim (source: ajchen.com)

Unfortunately, as a special darning machine is required for this type of repair, you will need to seek out a specialist. We won’t walk through the entire process itself, but Andrew Chen, co-owner of 3sixteen and Self Edge NYC, gave an excellent and complete run-down below:

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