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About Us

Welcome to Heddels. We’re a news and education website dedicated to helping people own things they want to use forever. Whether it’s a pair of jeans, a wallet, or a frying pan; we’re here to help you find something that you love enough that you never want to replace it and teach you the maintenance skills so that you hopefully never have to.

Our list of qualifications is pretty long:

First, you have to find something that fulfills a need you have and likely will have for the foreseeable future. Then you have to make sure it will last that length of time; when pieces of it break or wear out, they can be replaced and restored back to working condition. You’ve also got to know it was made in a way that you ethically agree with, so that your purchase doesn’t support forced labor, unsafe working conditions, or the destruction of the planet. And finally, and perhaps most importantly, it needs to be something that you won’t get bored of and replace with a newer, shinier alternative before you’ve wrung every last drop of use out of it.

To summarize, it’s got to be something that:

  1. Fulfills a need that you have today and will have for years to come
  2. Won’t become obsolete or outdated
  3. Is repairable and generally made to last
  4. Is made to your ethical standards
  5. You won’t be tempted to upgrade or replace

We’re here to connect you with the things that fulfill those criteria and teach you how to live up to them. That’s the entire goal of this website. If you see something on Heddels, we think it passes all of those tests.

We think this is the best solution to a mainstream consumer marketplace that’s a minefield of shoddy and unethically produced goods that destroy the limited resources of our planet, many of which have a poison pill of planned obsolescence, so they wouldn’t last even if you wanted them to.

Throughout our nearly 10 years of publication, we have helped tens of millions of readers make better decisions on items that will last longer, repair easier, minimize environmental impact, and hopefully further enrich their lives.

History of Heddels

Heddels began in 2011 as Rawr Denim, the Internet’s destination for learning about all things raw denim, and was reborn as Heddels in 2015 as a more comprehensive resource for a wider variety of products.

Throughout the last decade, we’ve been a North Star for quality minded consumers as well as a mainstay for brands and upstream producers in the industry. We’ve done everything from developing a pair of Mercury-era NASA material sneakers with New Balance, taken our readers inside the famed Levi’s vintage denim vault in San Francisco, and traveled to Pakistan to create a bandana using 3,000 year old fabric printing techniques—we even made our own laundry detergent.

We have many more adventures planned as we educate ourselves and our readers with the best possible information as consumers.

Editorial Integrity

Heddels is entirely independently owned. It started as a simple blog in 2011 and has grown organically ever since. As such, we are exclusively in control of our editorial and business operations.

We take great pride in upholding our journalistic integrity. We maintain editorial independence from our business operations and our advertisers have no influence over our content. Every single article on Heddels has been published autonomically, legitimately, and organically, because our Editors thought it deserved the attention.

If you would like to see more about our advertising policy, or potentially become an advertiser, please see our Policies & Disclosures.

Contact Us

If you would like to get in touch, whether for a brand advertising partnership, ask a question about a vintage pair of jeans, or simply say hello, feel free to contact us.