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Policy & Disclosures

What is Heddels?

Heddels is an educational platform for quality clothing. By providing free story-rich content and powerful tools, we have been able to help millions of people improve their lives by making more meaningful clothing purchases.

Our site is run by a team of twenty-ish lovely and talented people, each of whom specializes in a unique area and is located in a different part of the globe. That’s right, no two of us are in the same city and our team is distributed across the US, Canada, UK, Denmark, Italy, Taiwan, and Bosnia and Herzegovina.


Heddels is entirely independently owned–we have no investors, no parent company, and no executives to answer to. It started as a simple blog in 2011 and has grown organically ever since. As such, we are exclusively in control of our editorial and business operations.

We take great pride in upholding our journalistic integrity. We maintain editorial independence from our business operations and our advertisers have no influence over our content. Every single article on Heddels has been published autonomically, legitimately, and organically, because our Editors thought it deserved the attention.

We deliver our content to you for free, but between paying our writers, web hosting, and a variety of other services, the costs do add up. While we do have a small shop that sells limited-run collaborative products, in order for us to stay free to use, we primarily earn revenue through advertising.

On any site like ours, there’s often a risk of the advertising coming first and affecting the content. Because the line between editorial and advertising can be so fine at times, we strive to be as transparent as possible with our readers.

Our advertising model breaks down to Display Advertising and Affiliate Marketing.

Display Advertising

Plain and simple, we sell banner advertising space on our pages. You can see them in a few shapes and sizes at the top, right, and bottom of the page.

Every single brand or product featured on Heddels is picked by our editors and is entirely independent of our advertisers.

That said, at times you will see a “Sponsored Story” on Heddels. We offer to select companies if: 1) we can vouch for the product or service featured 2) we feel the feature would interest you, and 3) we have our Editors’ approval. Each “Sponsored Story” is labelled as such, is paid for, and should be treated as an advertisement. We have never accepted payment or gifts in exchange for featuring something without the “Sponsored Story” banner on Heddels and we never will.

If you are interested in learning more about our advertising operations and options, please contact us at [email protected].

Affiliate Marketing

We occasionally use affiliate links when recommending products (e.g. from affiliated brands and retailers via Kutoku). This means we earn a small commission on the sale of some products we feature, should you decide to buy it.

You might think, “Doesn’t that mean you’ll only write about products and brands that will make you money?” And yes, we could, but that would ultimately lead to a steady stream of spam and fewer of you would visit. And if we recommend something of poor quality and you return it, not only do we lose that money, but we also lose our credibility.

We always consider the merit of a given brand or product first and our ability to monetize second. We’ve been at this since 2011 and have no interest in selling out our trust for a quick buck, so we only ever use affiliate links for products we’re ready to put our reputation behind.

If you would like to support Heddels and would like to see more of the content we produce, you can help us in two ways:

  1. Support our sponsors and advertisers
  2. Whitelist our site on your adblocker if you happen to be using one.

If you have any questions on any of the above, please feel free to contact us.