Fade Friday – Momotaro 0305 – 2G 18oz (19 Months, 3 Washes)

19 months and 3 washes. That’s all the time Ilham in Indonesia needs to transport a pair of Momotaro 18 oz jeans 10 years into the distant future. Wearing them on campus every day, this faithful fader got to work on these Momos immediately and has not looked back since.

Featuring some heavily forged whiskering and honeycombs throughout, the creasing makes it seem like these jeans were caught in a lightning storm – shock and all. More like shock and awe! Built around dramatic contrast, what we have here is the perfect balance between indigo evolution and natural yellowing, giving the jeans an old-school cowboy energy. With Momotaro’s painted ‘battle stripes’ hanging on for dear life and the leather patch healthily patinated, these jeans check all the boxes leaving not much else to strive for. I guess that means they can retire, or better still be hung in a  Momotaro store as a way to exhibit how well the brand’s denim fades.