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Fade Types – Whiskers/Hige & Honeycombs

We’ve mentioned numerous times across many posts about fades (we’ve even carved out our very own Fade Friday), but have never actually put in the time to talk a little bit about subject. Not that a super long post is really needed, for those unfamiliar with fades, we figured it’s worthwhile to delve into the topic every so often.

Everyone has different approaches to how you should actually achieve surreal fade patterns, so we won’t get into that here.  In this post, we’ll cover the two most basic types of fades that you’ll usually see with all raw denim – Whiskers/Hige and Honeycomb denim fades.

Whiskers/Hige Denim Fades


Notice those horizontal contrast patterns that run from side-to-side? Those are the “whiskers”.

Whiskers and Hige (pronounced “Hee-gay”) fades are the long, stretched creases often found around the waist and crotch area.

Honeycomb Denim Fades


Located behind the knees are the aptly named, “honeycomb” fades.

Honeycombs, on the other hand, are the fading found behind the knees and, as the name implies, are shaped like honey combs.